Active Shooters and Practice Safety



Active Shooter? It seems we hear this in the news several times every year. Many times it is a false alarm, but too frequently it is all too real.

What do active shooters over the past three decades have in common? some were being seen for mental health issues or were on antipsychotics or behavioral modification drugs. Most had a desire to be “famous”. All chose a soft target where they were certain no one would have a means to fight back.


Thus far the vast majority of these evil acts have occurred at schools, malls, and churches. However; I and others in the security field, believe it is only a matter of time before we see these types of attacks at sporting events, concerts and indeed hospitals and healthcare facilities.

What can the practice and its staff do to lessen the likelihood or impact of an active shooter situation? Employee awareness training should be forefront. Having a staff that knows how to verbally de-escalate a situation is paramount, as is having each and every employee familiar with your facilities procedure to deal with violent situations (you do have one right?).


Once this is accomplished, you need to focus on staff/patient survivability. The likelihood of surviving an active shooter or terrorist incident goes up rapidly when applying simple awareness/escape/fight techniques. Training employees to react quickly and properly to an incident can and will save lives!

Finally there is the aftermath of an active shooter or terrorist attack. After law enforcement has arrived and dealt with the threat, you may be facing multiple injured staff and/or patients. Many of these victims will be critically injured. Are your staff members including RN, LPN, and Physicians prepared to deal with multiple patients in what is essentially a battlefield situation? You likely have an AED in the facility but do you have a sizeable trauma kit and training on how to stabilize multiple victims until EMS can transport them?

This is a scary topic, but we feel it should be addressed. If you have not seriously examined, planned, trained and prepared for an event such as this, our consultants can assist you with training in:

Security Awareness
Active Shooter/Terrorist incident response
Trauma/tactical medical stabilization
Trauma Kit selection/purchase

We can also assist in making a safer workplace through, Facility Security Assessment, Entry Control Systems, and Policy/Procedure preparation.

Our consultants and trainers can bring several decades of Law-Enforcement, Military, Security, and First Responder experience to your team.


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