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A year in review

2017 was an exciting year for us. At the beginning of the year I was fortunate to be asked to travel to Indianapolis to speak at a Paragon Program event. A couple of weeks before the event Ken Runkle of Paragon gave me a very thorough vetting via nearly two-hour phone interview. Ken runs a tight ship and is totally dedicated to serving his customers and expects no less from the vendors he invites to work with him.

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Leadership a result of Communication and Example L=C*E

 Leadership is the result of this L=C*E Remedial Algebra? No, this is the formula where: L=Leadership C=Communications E=Example    This is truly the starting point for not just business success for your practice, but is essential for building a security culture within that practice. Without a culture of security, and its resultant attention to detail, […] Continue reading →

Security Awareness Training Can Decrease your Risk of Data Loss

Security Awareness Training Security Awareness Training can decrease the risk of data loss.  It is impossible to be 100% secure.  However, it is possible to minimize that risk. If you do not provide your employees with security awareness training.  It really does not matter how secure you think your network and digital equipment are.  The chances of you […] Continue reading →