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Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Class

It really does not matter what you label a crime as, be it “Workplace Violence”. “Active Shooter”, or “Terrorism”, the fact is that many of us will be affected in our lifetimes by violent crime.

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Healthcare practices are at an elevated risk of such a incident for several reasons including:

  • Real or perceived availability of drugs
  • Cash on hand
  • Desperate or distraught patients/caregivers
  • Mentally ill persons
  • Disgruntled employees/former employees
  • Violent spouses/family members

In my two decades of doing IT and Security work for Healthcare providers I personally have been threatened by a mentally unstable patient, approached by would be robbers in a parking lot and had death threats from the significant other of an employee who was being terminated.

We have seen violent physical assaults on check-in staff at practices and in one case an employee was murdered in the parking lot of a facility minutes before I arrived on a support call.

If you turn on the news it seems as though mass-shootings and terrorist attacks are on the increase, but in fact these threats have been with us for quite some time and just get reported more in todays 24/7 news world.

These crimes have and will continue to happen and the best thing your practice can do to prevent or lessen the impact of a violent incident, is to train and plan.

HealthSecureIT can provide assistance in planning and creating procedures for this type of incident. Beginning 1/1/16 we will also offer a two-hour seminar on Active Shooter/Workplace Violence which will explain the history, methods and warning signs of violent attack, along with tactics (verbal and physical) and techniques to verbally de-escalate a situation or in a worse case scenario, to survive the incident.

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This seminar has been developed to increase employee awareness and provide tools that any person regardless of experience can use not only in the clinical setting but in their everyday lives.

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