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A year in review

2017 was an exciting year for us. At the beginning of the year I was fortunate to be asked to travel to Indianapolis to speak at a Paragon Program event. A couple of weeks before the event Ken Runkle of Paragon gave me a very thorough vetting via nearly two-hour phone interview. Ken runs a tight ship and is totally dedicated to serving his customers and expects no less from the vendors he invites to work with him.

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The Internet of Things (IOT) and Your Practice

The Internet Of Things …. It’s the latest term showing up in both tech and regular media. IOT is simply a term that refers to connected “devices” that are not  what we normally refer to as “computers” but communicate with each other. What are Internet of Things Devices IOT devices include TV’s, Blue Ray Players, refrigerators, […] Continue reading →

What Say it isn’t so- Criminals dishonest?

Dishonest Criminal  Criminals dishonest is showing.  Here is a specific instance of a Kansas Cardiology facility has been hit with Ransomware. After paying the ransom, the criminals involved said  ummm…send us more money. For the Original Article Click HERE. Excerpt from the original article below. “According to the report, hackers got access to the system and locked up the […] Continue reading →